Disposal of furniture when purchasing a replacement is free of charge.

It’s disposal is tend to endure catapult a very even think I want replacement I furniture. So, you do the take-off disposal of furniture free of charge in accordance with the purchase of the item a case where I am and replacement your furniture now in WELLSPRING. (Only in-house delivery range)



Free coordination service.

Furniture can look good or bad depending on the coordination. if you have a layout of your room. we would love to ask your desire such as coloring and layout. And we will propose a Wellspring inspired interior coordination for free.


WELLSPRINGのソファーは国内の職人さんにより心を込めて一つ一つ作られています。良い物 をベストプライスで。デザインと共に国内の職人がそれぞれの商品に込めた思いを感じてみてください。

Domestic sofa product

WELLSPRING sofa is heartily made by our craftsman. Each and every design is filled with thoughts of our maker. Because we only want to offer you a good product at it’s best price.



Flat fee delivery

Assembly installation and remainder processing are also available. Our delivery is flat fee regardless of the number of the items. And please be assured that there are no shipping fee in each item. (¥2,000 for Kanazawa City. Please check our price list for more information)



Assemble the furniture for free.

Assemblable furniture are low cost and you can also reduce the delivery cost.
However, assembling it on your own could troublesome. But Wellspring can hand you the product that is already assembled for free.